May 3rd, 1998. The Second Wizarding War has just ended. The walls of the castle are still piles of rubble. Smoke continues to leave a dark cloud over everyone's heads. The bodies of the fallen still remain to be claimed. Funerals are inevitable.

The students wake the very next day thinking it was all just a bad dream, but soon realize it's their reality. Stray Death Eaters are still at large; rewards are posted for their capture, leaving a heavy cloud over the survivors. The road to recovery is a long one filled with pitfalls and setbacks.

Will you come out on the other side or will you succumb to your demons?

Please read the rules carefully before applying for a character.


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the war is won.
Fear is a powerful motivator
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Okay, so, it’s clear that nothing’s been moving forward on the rp with everyone being busy with their own thing and not having much interest, so I’m going to set a date for when to pull the plug on this rp. As sad as I am to see the group go I feel like it is coming to an end and we should move on instead of dragging it on by its last legs.

I’m going to set it for Sunday, October 20th just to give it a bit more time.

Thank you.

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Everyone has done something embarrassing, some more than others however we can always just remember that in the future we will look back and laugh!

What’s something embarrassing that your character has done?

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 Anonymous said: "I think I might want to apply for felicity! And what do you think student and professors having inappropriate relationships is that allowed ?"

We’d be glad to have a Felicity around! That is allowed! I’m going to be honest in saying that almost any plot idea imaginable is fair game, but I appreciate you asking me first. Personally I’m a fan of professor/student relationships.

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If you had a friend that spoke to you the same way you spoke to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

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September 1st, 1998

As August dies September slowly awakes. The King’s Cross station is bustling with muggles and wizards alike, trying to catch their trains for the start of the new work year. Owls hoot, frogs croak, and cats meow as the students pass through Platform 9 3/4 as subtly as possible as to not draw a wandering eye.

Ministry Officials are stationed throughout the platform doing random checks to ensure that nothing forbidden is being brought onto the train. Wanted posters for at large Death Eaters are hung all over the place. The pictures snarl and growl at those who stare at it long enough, successfully scaring a few of the soon-to-be first years.

Finally a shrill whistle sounds, signalling for everyone to climb aboard the train. Goodbyes are called out the window, arms waving until the train turns the corner, finally leading students back to their secondary home, or to some, their only home.

But, as with a lot of things in the world, things change. And Hogwarts is no different.

With Death Eaters at large curfew hours for the students has been pushed back an hour to ensure that they are within the castle walls by sundown unless they have special permission. At no time are students allowed in the nearby village or the usual off-limits portions of the school. Punishments will be given accordingly and officials will know if a rule has been broken so it would be wise not to attempt any sneaking around at all.

A new professor has been stationed for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post with Professor Slughorn returning to teach Potions and take over as Head of Slytherin House. Students will be ushered through the halls to ensure that they arrive in class on time. Any and all locations that were open for free periods will be monitored by a professor. Rules are subject to change in the future.


OOC: So now that the school year is coming around again the students go up a grade. Those who are established to be in Harry’s year are either Eighth Year students (considered a secondary seventh year with more leniency towards the rules) and those in Ginny’s year are Seventh Year students.

You can have your characters react to this prompt anyway you’d like, them having a conversation at King’s Cross, on the Train, in the carriages, in the Great Hall during the opening feast, what have you. For the older characters/those outside of school they could meet up in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade or the like to comment on being out of school, for example. This prompt is pretty wide open and can be handled any way you’d like, within reason.

Also, those that want their characters to be a Prefect or Head Boy/Girl should message me.

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What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

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Where would your dream vacation be?

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