May 3rd, 1998. The Second Wizarding War has just ended. The walls of the castle are still piles of rubble. Smoke continues to leave a dark cloud over everyone's heads. The bodies of the fallen still remain to be claimed. Funerals are inevitable.

The students wake the very next day thinking it was all just a bad dream, but soon realize it's their reality. Stray Death Eaters are still at large; rewards are posted for their capture, leaving a heavy cloud over the survivors. The road to recovery is a long one filled with pitfalls and setbacks.

Will you come out on the other side or will you succumb to your demons?

Please read the rules carefully before applying for a character.


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the war is won.
Fear is a powerful motivator
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Justin Finch-Fletchly | 17 | Eighth Year Hufflepuff | FC: Alex Watson | Open

Justin finally comes back to school after having been on the run during the war and the roundup of Muggleborns. While he didn’t see the war occuring at school he faced a personal war between his family. The pressures of Voldemort’s reign ended in a bitter divorce between his parents which is currently on-going and he feels stuck in the middle. To cope this once quiet, shy boy put on a new mask. A mask of an outgoing, professor-defying, partier. But the harder he hits the bottle the further he descends into his own personal Hell which he isn’t sure he can ever get back out of.

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