May 3rd, 1998. The Second Wizarding War has just ended. The walls of the castle are still piles of rubble. Smoke continues to leave a dark cloud over everyone's heads. The bodies of the fallen still remain to be claimed. Funerals are inevitable.

The students wake the very next day thinking it was all just a bad dream, but soon realize it's their reality. Stray Death Eaters are still at large; rewards are posted for their capture, leaving a heavy cloud over the survivors. The road to recovery is a long one filled with pitfalls and setbacks.

Will you come out on the other side or will you succumb to your demons?

Please read the rules carefully before applying for a character.


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the war is won.
Fear is a powerful motivator
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Megan Jones | 19 | Eighth Year Hufflepuff | FC; Alexis Bledel | Open

Megan Jones is a rather plain and ordinary girl. Average even. She doesn’t stand out too much. She gets decent grades, is in the Frog Choir, and even is the head of the Potions Club. One would say that she’s just…there. She is a hopeless romantic and falls for almost anyone that holds a conversation with her, picking things apart to give reason to her findings. She is a very empathetic person and is a Seer, however her Inner Eye becomes cloudly more often than not and she gets her readings wrong, causing all sorts of misunderstandings around the school.

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